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Friday, July 19, 2013


 Family as you  know we  are  partnering with  Jamaica Impact Inc. on their School Supply &Toy Drive  which  you have been  contributing  to so selflessly, the boxes are filling up!!!! Thank you:-)

On  June 28th we had another opportunity to support their efforts,  we  were in attendance at  Jamaica Impact Inc.(Jampact's) fifth  annual  C.H.I.C gala at the DiMenna center in  NYC. The Gala  is  a fundraising  effort to  support  the Maxfield Park Children at the  Maxfield Park orphanage and school in  Kingston Jamaica  and  other  schools  in the area.  The  night  was filled was individual who had  come together to  support  a  common cause:   EDUCATION for JAMAICA'S YOUTH. Each speaker spoke  eloquently and  frankly  about the  state of  Jamaica's education  system  and how important it was  that  we  as adults from the diaspora and those connected  by  members  of the  diaspora   should  be united in  raising awareness and  bring about the necessary  change for  the issues that  plaque our  youth

The  points  highligthed  at  this event  made  us  happy to  say  that  we are  a part of the  solution and yet  that  happiness was  short lived because we understood that  while the focus  was on  Jamaica's education system and the  youth's  being  impacted, we realized  that  the  problem  was global. Globally  education and literacy  has to brought to the forefront of societal issues. We can longer  only see the problems in one section,  while ignoring the other continents and countries where the innocent faces of children living  on so many streets and neighborhoods do not have access to  the simplicities of a book or the ability  to  grasp and learn to read their  first word. The  children  in Jamaica are no  different from those in North or South America, Europe , Africa or Asia. They are  all the  same and they  should be given the same opportunities, they should be given an education.  We  all need  to support  the common cause.... We  need to educate our youth!!!!!

These statistical facts and points were presented at the event ,we feel it  necessary to  share these  with  you  as  our  family since they reflect children on a global level :

  • 50% of student  leave  preschool  being unable to read.
  • A child's brain  grows 85% between the ages of 0-5 years
  • Each  child is  born  with the inherent traits to be a genius
  • Each  child  must  be given the opportunity  to make the most of their  gift at an early  age.   
Supporting the common cause, raising awareness, being the change you want to see in the world, you  are your brothers keeper, we are all the same, being a solution to the problem,living above the influence, knowing you are better, dreaming beyond your situation,hopeful,impactful, imagination, believing that you are destined for more,just do it,change. All of these phrases and words and used to inspire. For many of us they are  ours mantra and  we try to weave them into our daily  lives because they are powerful statements that we push us to beyond our limits in a positive way.

I now ask  you  what will happen to  the little ones  who  are  not exposed  to these  words or phrases because  of the situation that  they  have  no control  over? The  answer, we need to  become a  part  of the solution by  supporting a common  cause. Be  bold  enough  to  step  up  and  read  at  your child's school or any school, give a book to child in need, volunteer, extend yourself  in ways that  you would  never  think   you  could.   Give back not just  to the country or cause that  you know or are familiar with.... have a open  heart  and  impact  lives, especially the  lives of children. 


Much Love & Walk Good

 Attached is a link to RKM & Jampact's website to find out more about who we are  and  what  we are  doing.

RKMFoundation Inc. Team Members & Jamaica Impact Inc. Team Members

Ladies of RKMFoundation with  Stephen Hill Founder of Caribbean  International Network
Ladies of  RKMFoundation Inc. & The Hon. Herman Lamont - Consul General  of Jamaica

"Wan Wan Cocoa Ful Baskit" (One one Cocoa Full Basket )

  In Jamaica, there is a saying "wan wan coco ful baskit" ("one one cocoa, full basket"). It simply means every little bit helps so take your time and you will achieve your goal. The RKM Foundation, Inc. was compelled by this sentiment, and felt that this proverb encompassed our fundraising efforts and our organization as a whole. In 2013 we need to raise a minimum of $5000 through our fundraising events.

  Family in our continuous effort  to teach you  Patois and  all things  Jamaican here is yet another  Jamaican proverb. This proverb  is the slogan  for  our  First Fundraising campaign.We  are  so excited to share this  news with you all!This  is  such a  monumental step for  us, the  little  engine  that  could, did, and will continue to do.  This is  a labor of  love from us all and we need your support. 

The “One One Cocoa Full Basket” fundraising campaign will help us to efficiently fund our programs and carry out our daily activities which directly impacts the lives of children in rural Jamaica and “YOU” can help. Every dollar donated to the “One, One Cocoa…”campaign will be directly used in collecting, transporting, packaging, shipping and the distribution of toys and books to school children ages 4-10 years in rural Jamaica. It will also improve the possibility for us to launch our 2014 early childhood reading program. The use of this proverb as our slogan aims to facilitate a spirit of philanthropy, giving each person the opportunity to be a vital part of a major cause.

Family   we  know that  you  are  behind as we continue to make our mark and change the lives  of Jamaica's youth. We  feel your perpetual love and  support and we know that with your help we will reach our goal for 2013.

One donation at a time fills our basket and impacts the lives of numerous children in rural Jamaica “One, One Cocoa
at a time.

Make checks payable to:

The RKM Foundation, Inc.
218 West Lakeshore Drive
Rockaway, NJ 07866

Much Love& Walk Good

*** We would  like to take this opportunity  to thank KERRY- ANN CHIN MILLA & SUZANNE DEL'ORTO  of our  Design and  Creative Development Team for all the time,love and effort they  put behind this image. We love you both so much always and in all  ways. Thank you!!!! 



 Summer , Summer ,Summer Time , Summer Time!!!! Family  you  know  what we are  talking  about  if these lyrics  brings back memories of your  childhood or  you were a teenager when this was the summer song  in the western  hemisphere. You  know  you  want to  sing  it, you know  you  can see the video, DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince rocking those cool  fades.... WHAT!!!!

"It's late in the day and I ain't been on the court yet Hustle to the mall to get me a short set. Yeah I got on sneaks but I need a new pair Cause basketball courts in the summer got girls there. The temperature's about 88. Hop in the water plug just for old times sake. Break to ya crib change your clothes once more. Cause you're invited to a barbeque that's starting at 4. Sitting with your friends cause y'all reminisce. About the days growing up and the first person you kiss. And as I think back makes me wonder how The smell from a grill could spark up nostalgia. All the kids playing out front. Little boys messin round with the girls playing double-dutch. While the dj's spinning a tune as the old folks dance at your family reunion... There's an air of love and of happiness. And this is the fresh prince's new definition of summer madness" 

  Summer  is simply  my favorite time  of the  year, maybe it's  because I am  from the Caribbean and feeling  the rays of the sun  hit my  face directly which causing me to instantly  start sweating  reminds  me  of being a child and having  no  inhibitions; swinging from the tree swing, running around  bare feet in the grass,climbing the cherry tree to the" tippie" top to  get the biggest, ripest cherry  that I would sink my teeth into without a second thought. The  tastes  that would  flood my taste buds was a  fusion of  sweetness and tartness with  the warmth of the sun  that  had  brought  it to  that  ripened  state  as the juices  literally ran  down  my  fingers.  Summer does that  for me still at  this  age. Going for a morning walk in the park, I relish in feeling the heat from the sun, the sweat  pouring down  my  face. I  look forward  to eating  ice cream  and  having it  melt as I eat it...I only miss not being able to let  it freely drip  on my clothes,and I definitely don't miss the sticky

In all  honesty  it has absolutely nothing  to  do with being  from the  Caribbean:-) Irrespective  of  where  you are  from  summer brings about  a  certain  "JOIE DI VIVRE" to the atmosphere and  those caught in its  undeniable  grasp. It  is always  fun to sit and listen to individual tell summer stories. The joy of the season and  their experiences  simply oozes from their  voices  as  their tones  raise and fall with  each  memory.
To be honest I have recently  found myself  sharing  thoses  stories in those  tones  with  my  nephew  about  my  summer  memories.

 Family, this  summer I challenge you  to take advantage of the natural  ambiance of summer, create  the memories with the little ones and the not so little ones. Let  the teenagers get out  of the house, away  from the X-Box, IPhone and the IPad( shoot  you need to get away from the IPhone,IPad and all plan that vacation,  go to the beach, build a bon fire, ride a  bike, skate board,blow bubbles, eat  popsicles, make homemade ice-cream , roast  corn, eat  crab..... run bare feet through the grass, eat a freshly picked  fruit  without washing  it,blow bubbles, go down the slip and slide  full clothed, drive out of town on a summer afternoon stay until dark and  look at the stars with  everyone or with  no one.  Let  summer  do  what  it  does  natural.....let it set  you  free to  experience and  explore the world around  you,whether you are  in your back yard or 10,000 miles  away. ENJOY  your summer!!!!!!