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Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy Fathers Day!!!

Yes we are a day late and a dollar short but we are still taking the time to honor our dads!!!!!
Fathers Day like Mothers day is an important time to reflect on the individuals in our life who loved and devoted their time to us during our childhood and adolescent years. Let's be honest,some of us still are being raised even though we have families of our own(let's call daddy, he would know how to fix that....I wonder if its the timing belt? dad would know exactly where that is let's call him for that!!! You know you do it,don't leave me hanging here:-))

Fathers are the men in our lives who impacted and changed our outlook on the world in a positive way. They are the men who protected us,taught us, the one who we respect,the one who taught us lessons through actions more than words. They are the men in our lives who took the time to give in the best way they knew how.

Growing up we had this larger than life perception of our DAD. He can fix anything, do everything,save anything and he could drive.....OHHHHHH that was my dad's greatest super power....Driving!!!! I was the recipient of the morning driveway drive  for many years and although it was only a few yards,I felt like I was in a spaceship being transported to the Moon!!!!!
Let the countdown begin was the thought in my head 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 .....blast off!!!!!:-)))) Weeeeee.

Our fathers are our first hero's and we love them for that,we mimic them in some ways during our childhood and even secretly hope to please them in all we do. As we get older, sometimes the bond remains the same and other times it feels strained. It can be hard for these fathers to see their little ones grow up and for us we push against that bond in an effort to find our own way.
Irrespective of the relationship you had with your father be it biological or otherwise  their is one  thing that remains constant, we have all learned from them.

We hope you all took the time this weekend to honor the fathers in your life. Dad, Daddy, Old Man, Big Man, Pops,Grandpa, Uncle,Pop-Pop,Brother,Friend,Mr.,Dr.,Father,Pastor.  Thank you for taking the time to FATHER us!!!!

Happy Fathers Day