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Sunday, April 27, 2014

The RKM Foundation Distribution 2014 Photos!

These are photos from RKM Foundation Third Annual Distribution (2014). The experience humbles and motivates us to do more as we continue to help spark the imagination of rural Jamaica's many underprivileged schoolchildren with the help of donated toys, books, and school supplies.
As always, consider making a donation or like our Facebook page! To date, we've impacted over 7,000 Jamaican schoolchildren and over 40 schools.)

Much love & Walk good
The babies of Faith  Early Childhood Institution in St. Elizabeth
The hug of a lifetime!!

Smiling faces at Nightingale Grove Primary

Happy boys&girls@Nightingale Grove Primary

Joy at Newton primary

More Joy

They are just happy!!!

Ready to distribute

Love these boys too cute!!!

Teachers@Retirement Primary

All Smiles@Retirement Primary

Bunny ears rock!!

Everyone is ready to read

Jointwood SDA Prep

Because they're happy

Elderslie Primary &Junior high

Reading is fun

Dig into reading

The babies are ready to read

Isn't she cute

Elderslie Kindergarten cutie

Pigtails Princess

Smiling faces at Elderslie  Basic

Boys being boys

Johnson Basic school 

Sleeping baby- Naptime

Mommy &the babies:-)

Niagara basic school babies choosing their toys&books

Lets see what you got!!!

Her baby is bigger than her!!


Hugging teddy& her  book


Contagious smile

Never get tired of seeing that banner

 Ready to go!!!

Niagara Primary Grade 1

Niagara primary  Grade 4

Another table full of goodies



More smiles


Saturday, April 26, 2014

Distribution 2014

Eternal Father, bless our land
Guard us with Thy mighty hand
Keep us free from evil powers
Be our Light through countless hours
To our leaders, Great Defender
Grant true wisdom from above
Justice, truth, be ours forever

Jamaica, land we love
Jamaica, Jamaica
Jamaica, land we love..."

The first stanza of the Jamaican national anthem always takes me to a reflective place, my childhood. The words written by Hugh Sherlock are one of the first things every child in Jamaica is taught along with the national pledge and their ABC's.

On April 7-8th, 2014 we were fortunate enough to be on Jamaican soil and witness the next generation recite these words with nationalistic pride, we were HOME.

April 7-8th were the dates of our third distribution in rural Jamaica. Our efforts more than doubled this year through your generous donations of  toys and books, we successfully donated  to 1,023 children in 13 schools. The experience left us humbled as always, seeing the smiling faces beaming with excitement makes  this tremendous journey we are on  to raise awareness worthwhile. Each school welcomed us with open arms,we reciprocated  the sentiments by taking the opportunity to talk with principals, teachers and most importantly, the students.

We learned about the challenges and growth of each institution all of which are an extension of the amazing teachers and principals who give so much of themselves to ensure that these children are inspired. During our rap sessions we listened to the limitless dreams of the next generation.

"I want to be a solider miss...", I want to be a singer...", I can run fast like Usain miss, watch...", "I want to be a teacher...", I want to be a doctor miss..." 

Listening to their dreams reminded us how important it is to inspire, nurture and protect these precious thoughts. It is important to listen intently to the dreams of the next generation, through their eyes we get a glimpse of the future,a future we are investing in when we become actively involved in giving back. Through giving back, your efforts have helped us to impact the lives of numerous children. The schools we visited included:
  • Newton Primary
  • Retirement Primary
  • Jointwood SDA Prep
  • Elderslie Primary & Junior high
  • Elderslie Basic School
  • Emma Thompson Basic School
  • Johnson Basic  School
  • Niagara Basic School
  • Niagara Primary
  • Elderslie  Baptist Kindergarten
  • Nightingale Grove Primary
  • Faith Early Childhood Institution
  • Merrywood Primary
We want to say a special thank you to everyone who made this trip a success. You are sincerely appreciated and we love you all!!!!!

Much Love & Walk Good!!!