The RKM Foundation

The RKM Foundation
Thank you!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Happy and Thankful Friday!!!

We are always so excited for the weekend only to have it go by at the speed of light. This week I want to ask everyone to take a minute and just breathe and enjoy a few quiet moments and be thankful that we made it through the week.

This weekend will be an exciting one for us, we usually visit and retrive your generous gifts from our collection boxes. We will also be donating some food supplies to our local pantry as thanksgiving approaches.

Huge hugs & kisses  to the Hendriks,Allen,Miller and Johnson families for donating to our Hurricane Sandy relief box.
Big thank you to Maria for her generous donation of books to our Toy and Book drive!!!!

Happy Friday,enjoy your weekend!!!!
Much love& Walk Good

Throw back Thursdays

Hi all,

Yesterday we came up with a great idea that I think you will all enjoy. Throw back Thursdays. This includes Sharing with us via blog ,website,email,Twitter or our Facebook fanpage about your childhood memories. Whether you  grew up in Asia,Africa the Caribbean or right here in the U.S.A.  If you had a childhood we want to hear your fun memories on Thursdays so please get involved!!!!

We shared some stories via Twitter yesterday and it was a fun experience, so we urge our RKMF family to share.
Much love & Walk good


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The little ones:-)

Growing up in the Caribbean,hurricanes were a way of life.People knew what to do and the necessary precautions to take once the season approached. This never altered the after effects of the hurricane. The emotions are always raw, the reality of devastation and the  eerie quietness that would fill the community.
Being prepared doesn't take away the pain you feel when you lose all that you have worked for or the person you love. All you feel is pain and at times a sense of hopelessness.

The silver lining in this whole process is the out pouring of love and kindness from neighbors and strangers that unite us.

We become  family and the differences of race, religion,status,gender and culture; that once separated us is erased. Realizing that we are all the same and we need the same common resources are  common threads  throughout these stories.
The foundation is assisting  in this healing process,by focusing on the little ones. They are scared,cold and afraid,they miss the routine of life and the things they can relate to. As adults  we can express ourselves in a variety of ways.Children  may not be able to do the same.

Our relief boxes  are filled with blankets,socks,little gloves,pajamas,rompers, shoes,mittens and hats for their precious heads.

We are urging everyone as they donate to remember to add a little pair of gloves or a baby blanket to their donation,it goes a long way.
If you want to donate to our box. Visit our website @
Email us to arrange a pick up @ info@ or RKMFoundation1@
If not, just drop off your donations at the red cross,salvation army, churches or schools who have set up donation centers.

Let's get involved and give back in any way we can!!!!!

Much love and walk good:-)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Where have you been!!!!

Where have you guys been????? It has been a while and their really is no excuse.....Ahhh the dog ate our.....ok, ok, no excuse is valid and we will be held accountable.

The  good news is, we have been working behind the scenes to keep our foundation active. We survived super storm Sandy,the NorEaster,power cuts,gas shortages and can now say that we are looking forward to the joys of thanksgiving  while  giving back to those affected by the storm.

Our next post will let you know what we are doing to help those affected and how you can get involved.

Talk to you soon& Walk good.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Post Sandy

Happy Sunday,
It has been an eventful week filled with many emotions for the tri-state area. We want to send our love and support to all of our friends and extended RKM family. We are here for you and we love you all.

Hug your  children and whisper, I love you in their ear. This too shall pass,the human spirit is strong. We can do this together!!!!

Post Sandy!!!!!