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The RKM Foundation
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Monday, October 29, 2012



What does Sandy  have to do with  our foundation you  may  asks? Everything!!!!!!!
 Sandy is a  mega storm that  has linked us in more ways than  one, she  first  hit  Jamaica last week were  she  left  millions without power  and and  water, she continued  through the Caribbean blazing a path of  destruction  behind her.  Now she is coming directly  at  us, we are all connected not just by this monster storm but in our reaction and the fact that we feel  each others  pain!!!!!!

We want to say to our extended RKM family and supporters  be safe, get  the necessary supplies  and  if you are  in evacuation areas  please evacuate!!!! We grew up in the Caribbean and understand the effects first hand. Hurricanes  are not to be taken lightly  they can be life changing, be safe!!!
 Much Love  to you all, talk soon!!!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The overflow!!!!!

I am so sorry that I have been M.I.A since saturday, but it has been your own fault:-) The last couple of days have been about replying to emails, arranging pickups, emptying collection boxes,picking up donations and then packing them into our storage space. Climbing a few flight of stairs is a breeze but after the seventh time with an 8-10lb bag or box filled with toys and books it becomes a power workout that Shawn T  from PS90X would envy:-)

We are not complaining,just thankful!!!! The continuous overflow of love and support has been great and we are  taking it ALL in.
These wonderful donations will affect the lives of so many children in a positive way.
Keep the overflow coming we love and appreciate each and every donation we receive!!!!

Much love,we will talk soon.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Why October 20th???

Why is  the launch on October 20th? What is so special about that date?
No longer do you have to wonder,here is the answer. It's our brothers' birthday. The RKM Foundation is named in honor of our brother Rohan Kiel Miller who celebrated his birthday on October 20th.

This birthday is significant because it would be his 40th!!!!
Join us in wishing and celebrating Rohan's birthday by donating a toy or a book to this amazing cause.
Help us make a difference in the lives of children.

Hooray its here!!!!

Hooray! Hooray! Its finally here !!!!October 20th and we are excited to announce the official launch of our 2nd Annual TOY&BOOK DRIVE!!!!

We are off to an amazing start.  To date  we have collected 10bags of toys and 3boxes of books. Our early supporters  have been busy and we thank you!!!
Let's keep those donations coming in, big or small!!!

Drop off location @ 77 Glenbrook Rd,Morris plains NJ.

To arrange a pick up email us @ or

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The surprise box!!!

This is such an exciting week for us. The official launch of our  2nd annual Toy and Book drive will be on the 20th. We are so excited!!!!

On Wednesday of last week we received a large box of donations. We thanked our donors,added it to the trunk and continued making our rounds. Last night I decided to open the box and I was pleasantly surprized!!!!  Not only did it have a collection of books,we found toys; board games, stuffed animals, a doll and some new  kid friendly mugs.
It was the box that kept on giving. Surprise!!!!!

Talk to you soon, walk good.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Every Little Bit Helps!!!

Today  we  received  a donation  of  eight (8)  books  to add  to  our toy and book drive.  You  might  be  shocked that  I am blogging  about receiving eight(8) books!!!   I honestly  am, because  that  means eight  happy  kids and it get us that much closer to our goal.

 Every  little bit  helps, in  Jamaica  we  say  "one one cocoa full basket". So if you  have one  book  or one toy to donate we will accept it.
Talk to you  soon, walk good !!!

Friday, October 12, 2012


We are so excited to launch our new website as well as our new blog. Check here often for news, updates and photos of The RKM Foundation's activities.

Thanks for your support!