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Saturday, February 9, 2013

18 days left !!!!!!

 Family, we  only  have  18 DAYS  to  go  before  the  end  of  our  2nd ANNUAL  TOY & BOOK DRIVE!!!!!  We  are  still collecting, you can schedule  a  pick up.... email  us  @
  Or Drop Your Donations  in  our collection  box@ the  Morris Plains  Library
 77 Glenbrook Rd  Morris Plains, NJ 07950



Good Vibrations of happy Childhood Memories !!!

"Childhood is supposed to be happy, and if you can't remember yours with any happiness, what hope have you later, when life starts handing you fresh grief?"


 This Thursday TBT ( Throw Back Thursday) on twitter  was  all about good vibrations. We  wanted to take the time to  reflect  on  adults who were  kind  to  us  as  children or extend themselves  to  show  us warmth.  These small acts of  kinds left such  an impressionable  mark at a time when it is  most crucial, during  our  childhood.

Numerous stories  where shared  from a variety  of  individuals, what  became  evident throughout these  stories was how these individuals  were impacted  by those small gestures.  It  made  us realize  how imperative  it is to  do an act of kindness for someone, but even  more importantly, for children.

The participants sharing  these stories ranged in ages from 72-25 years. These acts of  kindness were  done  during their childhood  and  yet  they  were able  to recall the events with  such  fondness and still smile at the memory as  if it was happening in the presences  of the discussion.

This is what  happens  when you impact a  childs life in a small way with  kindness.... the memory  lives  within them nourished  by  time  and  held  scared  in their hearts. It is never  forgotten  even  after  the innoncence  is replaced  with the  realities of adult hood.

 V. McIntosh - Reminisced about  Mr.Hunter  who drove the Hostess cake truck and would give all the kids hostess cakes  whenever  he  came to the local district  to deliver Wonder  bread to the local  shops.

C.Allen - Reminisced  about  Mr.Legdgister  the local  tailor  who taught  her the benefits of reading and language.

M.Mullings- Reminisced  about  Mrs. Scott  who always  gave the kids their own slice  of bread  pudding after church. 

It is imperative  for  us  to understand  how momentous our impact  is  on the lives  of the little ones  around   us. It is  not just our own children  that we impact or influence, it is any and every  child  you  come  in  contact  with.  LEAVE A POSITIVE  MARK, YOU  NEVER  KNOW  WHEN  YOU ARE  MAKING A  TREASURED MEMORY!!!!

"The brightest light, the light of Italy, the purest sky of Scandinavia in the month of June is only a half-light when one compares it to the light of childhood. Even the nights were blue."

 Much  Love & Walk Good!!

Winter Wonderland!!!!

Happy Saturday Family!!!!
If you are in the Boston or the  Tri-state area then you woke up to a blanket  of snow. As much as 34" in some places.

We hope that you have already shovelled  your  side walks and drive ways and now you are out doors with the kids having the second round of a snowball fight!!!! Hot Chocolate anyone:-))))

The snow has grown on us ( the island girls), there is something about it that  makes us happy!!!!

We can assure you its not the digging or the frigid temps that are also a part of the package. We think its how excited the children get to see the white stuff. They eat it, throw it, build with it ,lay, roll,fall and slide on it:-))) The little ones let us yearn for the innocence of youth. Truth be told ... We don't yearn, we just jump right into the fun.....SNOW BALL FIGHT!!!!!

Family, enjoy the  wintery wonderland and after you have done all the adult  chores....join the little ones on the sled or build them a snow fort!!!!

Much love & Walk good!!!!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

"Fill-A-Bagpack, Fill-A-Need Project"

Family its Saturday and we have great news!!!!
The RKMFoundation,Inc. is working together with Professional Jamaicans for Jamaica.Inc. on the "Fill-A-Bagpack,Fill-A-Need Project."

Professional Jamaicans for Jamaica, Inc., a 501 (C)(3) Tax Exempt Organization, has made great strides in the educational development of our children in Jamaica with its Annual Back-to-School Drive.

Our Annual Back-to-School Drive, “Fill-A-Backpack; Fill-A-Need Project” for 2013, seeks your help in making an impact in the educational development of the most vulnerable members of our communities in Jamaica; our children.

The Project is a charity donation drive where people donate to provide backpacks with school supplies to needy children in Jamaica.
The Project aims to fill 5000 bagpacks with school supplies to be donated to school children in the 14 parishes of Jamaica for the September 2013 school year.

Timeline Photos!/photo.php?fbid=462289577157473&id=173029902750110&set=a.173040486082385.57752.173029902750110&__user=800210300