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Sunday, May 26, 2013


RAIN,RAIN,GO AWAY COME AGAIN ANOTHER DAY,WE ALL WANT TO GO OUT AND PLAY SO RAIN RAIN GO AWAY!!!(Repeat for effect) Now for the adult version of that song. RAIN,RAIN,GO AWAY COME AGAIN ANOTHER DAY WE ALL WANT TO GO OUT AND BBQ,APPLY SUNSCREEN AND GO TO THE BEACH SO RAIN RAIN GO AWAY!!!!!! Family, the last couple of days in the Tristate area has left us singing that familiar song and our new remixed version a lot!!!! We went from summer approaching to pulling out coats and boots that we felt quite confident putting away when we saw sunblock,goggles and water balloons filling up store shelves and our weather channel apps showed a consistent spike in temps. The weather is always a great source of conversation and this week we had enough talking points to last for an entire year. Can you believe this weather? I thought summer was here? I'm just getting over allergies so I'm thankful for the rain. The frost ruined my annuals,I had to turn the air on and put the A/C in and now we need gloves...and a host of other weather related phrases and cliches:-) OK,OK we will stop whining about the rain. To be honest,all this rain inspired our TBT(Throw Back Thursday) tweets which were all about the rain games we played as children. Our Childhood was filled with some many exciting experiences and reminiscing about them always bring smiles to our faces. The ones that really stood out last Thursday included; splashing with bare feet in puddles, making paper boats to sail along the roadway as we walked home from school, sliding on wet grass during and after a shower of rain, playing rain tag and the best of all playing soccer in the rain,falling in mud as a child in always a plus!!!!!! We are sure reading this post will help you reminisce about your own childhood rain games,so in advance...YOU'RE WELCOME:-) If you have a little one or little ones, use the not so cold rainy days to take them out doors and splash in the puddles. It will be a great experience and a learning opportunity for them,but lets not fool ourselves its a great stress reliever and a nice excuse to relive a favorite childhood pass time with great side kicks!!!!! LETS HERE IT FOR THE RAIN...THAT IS CONSTANTLY FALLING!!!!! We thought the images of clear blue skies would act as a nice contrast:-) Much Love&Walk Good

Sunday, May 12, 2013


"The natural state of motherhood is unselfishness. When you become a mother, you are no longer the center of your own universe. You relinquish that position to your children" We felt that these words spoke true to the meaning of motherhood. It is important for us to state that this day is for all mothers in every way. Although we tend to reflect on the biological aspect of the word, it has transcended that. Motherhood is the ability to love,give and teach a child or children in an unselfish way. It is giving and loving without ever expecting. Based on that definition it would then include;mothers,grandmothers,great grandmothers,aunts,sisters,friends,godmothers,teachers and every female that has ever given and loved you unconditionally without expecting. Mothering requires love!!!!! Our mother always told us that on the day she found out that she was pregnant it stopped being about her, all she wanted to do was ensure that everything that she did was to ensure that the child she was carrying was healthy and strong. As a child I couldn't understand these words, how could she start thinking only about the child if she had never even seen or known this child. Granted one point that child was me:-) still I never understood it, why had she taken herself out of the equation, how could she be so selfless to someone she had never met? The answer was simple, she was in love with the person she was chosen to create and she was willing to give her all to that life in that moment and for the rest of her life. I still am not yet a mother in the biological sense, but I am now honored to say that i understand my mothers words and have heard them echoed numerous times by many other mothers. Loving begins in the womb or on the first day you set eyes on the child you know you will love. Mothers never ask how or why,they just continuously do because it's what they know how to do, it is also what they will continue to do irrespective of how old we are:-) Family you know we have no secrets so we have to share. Our mom was here with us for an early mothers day celebration and I happened to be coughing while in the restaurant, our mom suggested I put on my jacket and was asking if "I was catching a cold because my shoulders were exposed and the temperature had dropped" :-)It never gets old. Our grandmother always held my mom's hand while crossing the street. Our other grandmother always made sure to stand beside our dad while he ate fish if we had dinner at her house. They will always be our mothers and in their eyes we will always be their babies no matter how old we are or how many children they have. Today we want to celebrate this special day with all the MOTHERS in our life. We want you all to know that we LOVE you, we THANK YOU for being SELFLESS,for SACRIFICING,for GIVING,for TAKING YOURSELVES OUT OF THE EQUATION and for LOVING US UNCONDITIONALLY before you even saw us. We are forever in your debt and we are humbled and honored to call you MOM,MOTHER,MOMMY,MOMS,GRANDMA,AUNTY,GRANNY,SIS,SISTER& everything in between HAPPY MOTHERS DAY AND ENJOY THIS YOUR SPECIAL DAY!!!!!!

Partnership with Jampact

EXTRA!!! EXTRA!!! READ ALL ABOUT IT !!!!!! Family we are serious we want you to read the entire thing:-) We are so excited to  share this amazing new with you all. The RKMFoundation,Inc is partnering with Jamaica Impact, Inc.  on their "2013 Annual School Supplies &Toy Drive" which will benefit children ages 3-6 years in the Island of Jamaica.

Partnering with Jamaica Impact,Inc.(Jampact) is such momentous and symbolic step for us as we have long admired this notable organization and the work they have done in Jamaica for over a decade. Once presented with the opportunity to be an intergral of this process we understood the significance and joined forces for the common good of helping Jamaica's next generation.
Our mission is reflected in their own with their focus also being on  early childhood education,while raising awareness of the  socio-economic issues plaquing our island home."The mission of JAMPACT is to use our collective energy, intelligence and resources to influence and improve socio-economic conditions, which affect Jamaica and the Jamaican Diaspora by (i) developing social welfare programs, with particular focus on educational initiatives targeting youth (ii) facilitate research, stimulate constructive dialogue and raise public awareness on topical issues..."   
The members of Jamaica Impact,Inc. has embraced and welcomed us into their family with loving arms  and we ask of you our extended family  to do the same.

The launch of the "2013 Annual School Supply & Toy Drive" was on May 4th 2013 and will continue through August 8th 2013.

Family, we know that this partnership will bear fruit that will be beneficial to many and we ask for your continued support as we move forward.
Attached will be a flyer for the event and a link to Jamaica Impact,Inc website.

Much love&Walk good

Monday, May 6, 2013

Spring Forward

Happy Spring day!!!!

Family, how are  you? We  hope you  are  all enjoying the vibrant  sounds and colors of  spring.This  is  one  of  our  favorite seasons,(the other is fall, we are all about the colors) though  for some it comes with the challenges of allergies;  itchy puffy eyes,sneezing,runny nose and hay fevers to name  a few.Despite the challenges of the season we will not let" it" overshadow the beauty  of the  apricot cherry blossoms,lilies,tulips,dogwood and all the other beautiful blooms bursting out with their enchanted colors   fragrances!!!! We are   hoping  that  after  reading our opening remarks  it  will  get you  in the  mood to run outside  and start that  garden, its not too late:-)))

Family  with  all the revival and rebirth  happening around us for spring we   have some exciting  news  of  our own. We  are  involved in a  new and exciting   partnership!!!! I know, I  know, we didnt  tell  you  we were  going to  bring  a  new  person to Sunday brunch , but   lets be  honest  you  know their  is  enough  food  and Aunt P is always  baking  an extra  cake, so lets  make  room  at the  table!!!!!!
The RKMFoundation,Inc  is  partnering with  Jamaica Impact Inc.(Jampact)  on their 2013 School  Supply& Toy drive. We  have long been an admirer of Jampact  and the amazing  work they  have been doing  in Jamaica   for over a decade,their  outreach  has benefited  thousand of children.The opportunity to be in  a partnership on  such a vital project  is an honor for us.  We  are  excited about the prospects  and  how  our  unified  efforts will  impact  the  lives  of  countless children  in our  island home.

 We  ask that you  take the time to  follow this  link to the website  for Jamaica Impact.Inc. to find out  more about this  amazing  organization!!!!

 Talk  to you  soon, Walk  good!!!!