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The RKM Foundation
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Monday, April 8, 2013

Over 1253!!!!!!

 Family  we are  on a roll :-)  We are  so excited  and we  just  can't hide  it!!!!! We're  about to lose  control and I  think we like  it, oh  yeah !!!!!!!  We  want to  say thank you to the Pointer  Sister  for that  great song:-)

I know  you  are  all  wondering why  we  feel the need  to break out our  leg warmers,disco balls, Donna Summer wigs and sparkly  tops?????. The truth is  we have the official  numbers after  inventory  for our  2nd annual  toy &book drive. Drummmmmmmmrolllllll; we  are  pleased to announce that we  collected over 1253  pieces of toys & books  with  books  totaling over 700!!!!!

We  cannot   begin to say  thank you  to  everyone  who donated, thought  of donating, asked a question,sent a cheque, gave  money, arranged  a pickup, drove to our drop off location, followed us on Twitter,liked us on Facebook  or helped in spreading the word about the RKMFoundation,Inc in  any  and  every way.(That  was  a very long sentence:-))  We appreciate and love you and ask for your  continued support.

This is amazing news. In just  2 years we have surpassed  our estimated  goals and continue to dream and implement programs that will be beneficial in bringing about monumental change   for the children  of rural Jamaica.

These books  will help  to foster an environment of literacy  and a deep  love for  reading amongst our targeted group of children ages   4-10yrs. Each  book we  pulled  from a  box  meant the opportunity  for a  child  to  dream  beyond their current situation  and  be transported  into another  world  through  its exciting pages.We  are  overjoyed  to share  this  news with you as we continue to  work together to be  a part  of the solution .
 Talk  to  you  soon.
Much love,Walk good.
Never forget  to read  to and with  your little ones!!!

57 days since we last spoke!!!!!

  57 days ...... That  is  a long time  to  not  speak  to  someone.  I  assure  you  we  are  still  the best  of  friends  and some  of  the  most  loving  family  members you  will  ever have. I hope  you  have  been  following  us on Twitter and  Facebook  and  you  are  seeing   that   we  are  keeping busy  and  pushing forward with our  cause...... and  if  you  haven't  I  am   going   to say naughty,  naughty:-) In that  shared laughter we  are  back  in each others  good  graces and playing  catch up  over  some  great  tasting Thai  food  and reggae music:-).

Lets  dive  right  in!!!!  In the  past 57  days  we have  ended  collection for our  2nd annual  toy&book  drive, we successfully  made  every scheduled  pick up and rounded up all of our collection boxes. The librarians   at  the Morris Plains  Library  were all   sad to  see  us  go, but  we  reassured them  that  we would be  back  next  year with  an even  bigger box and another  fancy flyer.
We  made  new friends  at the Rockaway  club  house  where the moms club  donated  over  100 stuffed animals  to our  toy  drive ,we were  so excited it was  hard  to resist the urge to  hug  each teddy  bear!!!!!

The  month of  March  was  all about  inventory , inventory  and  more inventory  and  we  got  through  every  single piece  of donated  toy and  book  with  the help  of peppermint  and ginger tea.  Each  bag  was  filled with another  adventure;  whether it  was a doll  house, trucks, trains,board games, dolls,princess dresses, craft kits, pocket books,globes,flashlights, crayons  or puzzles it was fun to sort  and organize  each  box or bag. ( SHHHHH!!!!!That's our  little secret ) The official word  for  all this fun  is WORK!!!

Below is a sneak peek into all you donated and we  are want to say thank you  for ever piece....We see happy children  in our future and their smiles will be because  of you!!!!!

 57 days  since we  last spoke ,57 days  of  hard  work,57 days  of  being away, 57days of  collection and inventory and a lifetime of happy memories and stories  that  we hope will be told  for another 57 years!!!!!

Much love & Walk Good!!!


Craft kits and Princess dresses

Stuffed animals galore

More stuffed animals- trucks,cars, trains-boardgames &puzzle tower